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Make it a Great Daze

Finding Millwood Daze

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Parking 1st place to look
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To help You have a Great Daze we have listed the Information below.

The first place to look for Parking is indicated on the map above, the parking lot in front of Millwood Community Presbyterian Church.

  • Next you can look in the neighborhood West and North of the Millwood Daze area.
  • Some parking may be available on Euclid parallel to the train tracks.¬† However, do not get close to the tracks.
  • If you do not mind the walk, there is parking on Grace avenue about 3 blocks south on Marguerite.


Restrooms are available inside Millwood Community Presbyterian Church, and inside the Community Center.

Visit Millwood Park.

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There are many places for dinner in town before the movie.

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